About Us

We produce extra virgin olive oil products with respect to our origins

The 0.3 line has a perfectly balanced and characteristic bitter taste with flavors of green herbs and some notes of citrus fruit and bitter almond.

The premium 0.2 line has a rich fruity aroma, spice with an intense, lingering after-taste, freshly cut grass aroma and subtle notes of citrus fruits.

The Bio line has an intense, lingering after-taste, freshly-cut grass aroma and subtle notes of citrus fruits with an essence of Cretan herbs.


Orno Extra Virgin Olive Oil P.D.O. comes from selected olive groves of south Crete.


Our products meet the highest National, European and International standards with respect to environment.


Processing process is covered and inspected by supervising certifications agencies to ensure the highest standards of our products.

Orno Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced from olives selected from P.D.O. (Protective Designation of Origin) region of south Crete.